Applications of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing the term that you would be hearing more often as it’s been used by almost everyone in form or the another either by a firm for storing whole data from the data centre or by people like you and me for storing photos and some file that we can’t store in our phone for some reason. So here we will be talking about the Application of cloud computing. First, we will be giving you the brief idea about what is cloud computing. Then we will be discussing what are the different types of cloud computing or use of cloud computing. Finally, we will be talking about how it can be used in our day to day life to make things easy.

What is cloud computing?

Putting it in simple words cloud computing is dealing with services such as storage, database, servers, and many more on the cloud which is basically the internet. So for laymen cloud computing is all about storing of information and data on the internet, where the internet is the whole web, not just any local server. So storing the file on your hard disk does not come under cloud computing it is called local storage. So if you storing something on the cloud you can access it from any device (Laptop, tablet, phone and many similar devices) and any place.

what is cloud computing

Cloud computing Applications

First thing that any business wants is how they can reduce cost so as a benefit of cloud computing it provides us with the flexible cost. It is possible because the all that it needs is the server a bit of infrastructure so when demand goes up more space can be used and once demand gets normal space can be de-provisioned.

Rather than in the traditional way we need to buy capacity that could be sufficient for the peak time so for the rest of the time space goes ideally thus waste of money. Before they begin they need to spend lots of money on buying a lot of equipment, build and operate the data center, buy hardware, facilities and things that would be required to run it. All this money is spent and they do not even earn a value for it for a long time. Taking an example of cloud computing so suppose Firm X that has the option is to either reduce the size of their service center if they already have and they can also remove all of it. Opting either of the options will reduce the cost of servers, software purchase and staff still the firm would be working in the similar manner as it was working earlier.

applications of cloud computing

After saving the money by reducing cost another reason for why cloud computing is ease in managing. As in cloud computing whole thing is managed by the central server so there is no need of maintenance of the main server and rest things like updates are provided by the service provider. All you need to is things similar to copying the file from any pen drive only thing different is that here you will be using web interface which doesn’t even need to be installed so it won’t be using any of your space.

One question that may arise in your mind is are that why cloud computing software always available? So the answer is yes so availability also adds up to the advantage of cloud computing. Cloud service provider is so reliable that their system is up 99% of the time. Unless your own internet is working they are almost ready to serve you also some of their software work offline. Also, access is not restricted through your desktop or laptop it can be done through any device such as mobile phone and tablet. Cloud is not restricted by location it is accessible from any location so cloud computing is mobile and these acts as benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud computing provides us with the opportunity to work with someone who is physically too far from us. As all of the things can be shared there on the cloud then the group of people from the different location can simultaneously work on the same thing and share information with each other at the real time. Similarly, this could also work in favor of two firms in case of merger and acquisition as all they need to do is share the data that is already present on the server. Traditionally they need to decommission data center and migrate and this whole process would take few year.

In business one thing that is most important is staying in front of competitor, so companies using cloud computing can have edge as they don’t have to worry about procurement, so no upfront cost and the firm can focus on their core business strategy and objective instead of worry about the technology as these things are taken care by the firm that is providing cloud service. In current business CSR and saving environment also act the important part so how does cloud computing applications the firm here. As discussed above in the article use of cloud computing could reduce the number of data center also firms would be sharing their resources thus it would have less impact on the environment.

Till now in this article, we have discussed the pros of cloud computing but there no such thing who is tilted on one side every positive has its negative. Similarly, in cloud computing, we may have security issue as whole data is shared on the same platform. By any chance, if a hacker manages to hack a server thought the intention of that one is to get another information but along with that, he is able to get extra things. Also if you are using someone else’s server then you might have to provide them with important business data.

Previously in pros, we have discussed that server is up 99% of the time but this 1% of the time down can lead to loss of millions of dollar. As you won’t be able to access any information that is stored there and all the business activities has to be suspended for that time. We also discussed that in the case of Merger and Acquisition firms using cloud computing has to do was just share the data but in the case of software, there are still few of them that is fully functional on cross platform. For example, some software that is made for windows might not work on Linux or IOS. Opting for cloud computing may also lead to loss of control or minimal control as all of the things whether it’s about some software or platform all of this things is handled by the service provider. So the firm or customer can only have a control on the service that is operated on that platform of software like the data that they store.

cloud computing applications

Types and use of cloud computing

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In Software as a Service provides web browsers is the point of access to software’s are running on the server it is similar to old thin-Client model only difference here is that here client is replaced by the browser. In SaaS, the part of managing software is done by third-party and it is most used and known form of cloud service by the consumer. Some of the highly known services are Dropbox and Google Drive for storage, Google Play Store as application providing platform.

The benefit of using SaaS has reduced the all the cost that you incur for making and managing that particular software. Thighs like buying the license for the software is not required, there is no need of technical team who install, update and manage the software. All you need to do is install once and take subscription rest all thing would be managed by the service provider.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Unlike SaaS Platform as a Service just provides the platform for the deployment and development of your own product. All the other basic software and hardware part is handled by the service provider like network infrastructure, Server and all that a developer require to develop or host the product. All that user need to focus is developing the product and that all rest of the things are already taken care of by the service provider. Some of known PaaS are Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce Heroku. As PaaS provides most of the basic thing that you need to develop a product so you can save money of Software, platform, and similar things. Instead, this money can be diverted to some other thing that could be beneficial for your company.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

IaaS is the model in which have maximum control of our own. It gives us highly automated and scalable Compute resources, gives us network capability which we can self-provision, is metered and is available on demand. Users are also complemented by the cloud storage. Just like traditional server IaaS clients has full authority and access of server and storage, rather than traditional it has much more order of scalability. It also provides you with the Cloud servers and other related resources via dashboard and API.

Befit that IaaS users get is that they need not invest in Capacity planning and physical maintenance and management of a data center as they via IaaS they can have their virtual Data centers which give them same technology and resource capabilities as a traditional data center. Only things different is IaaS decrease in workload, provides you flexibility and you can focus more on your product as upgradations of Servers, Processing power, storage, and networking is handled by the service providers. Some of the IaaS service providers are Navisite, Softlayer and Exascale.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is a model as the name suggest it provides an environment that is limited to a specific client which mean that cloud and its service would be accessible to one particular organization, that why is comes with full control over that server and with great privacy. This is used by the organization who need to carry out the task that needs privacy or has some sensitive data like any financial institute. This model is almost similar to traditional LAN model (Local Area Network) that was used by organizations but here they get the benefit of on-demand allocation of data.

Some of the features and benefits of the Private cloud are Higher Security and Privacy, More control, Improved Reliability, Cost, and energy efficient. It also provides cloud bursting in which some of your non-sensitive data can be shared on the public cloud which will get you more on the private cloud for sensitive data.

Public Cloud

The public could is the most known form of cloud computing here unlike private cloud things are shared on the same platform like the internet. Few of the example or subcategory of public cloud is PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS which are discussed above. This are used by those who doesn’t need infrastructure and security that is provided by the Private Cloud. Some benefits of Public cloud are Ultimate Scalability, Cost effective, Utility Style costing, Reliability, Flexibility and Location Independence.

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud model is the integration of both private and public cloud it for the user who has both Sensitive and non-sensitive data. If an organization has both sensitive and non-sensitive data then if they go for private then they get privacy but it too costly and gives low scalability and it they go for public then there is less security but the cost is very low. That why in a hybrid model they can store their sensitive data on the Private part where they get full on security and along with that they can share their non-sensitive data on the Public part where they get scalability. Some of the benefits of Hybrid Cloud are Scalability, Cost-effectiveness, Security and Flexibility.

Test and Development

Test and development is that part of cloud service in which it provides you with the environment for testing that why there is no need of spending an extra buck on setting up an environment for testing. It not only the cost which is saved its time as well as on cloud you get pre-set environment. Testing and development cost on the cloud is based on the usage with this you can easily keep track of your cost and easily make the proper future plan so that cost saving can be done in more effective manner. While testing on the cloud you need to make sure that cloud service you are using is reliable or not, that’s why use the cloud service that has good reputation or you believe provides great security. This is not only beneficial for any IT department it is beneficial to the organization as well.

Big Data Analysis

Big Data is already highly used technology where the user of big data tries to extract valuable information from the whole chunk of data. Integrating this with cloud could be highly beneficial such that cloud could provide high scalability and these can be highly useful in getting more data at low cost. These are used by many retailers and similar businesses for extracting valuable information from the buying pattern such that they can target specifically and decide how to advertise and organize the marketing campaign for that particular segment. Some of the social media are providing the basis for analytics on the behavioral pattern from where meaningful information can be derived which can be further utilized for the benefit of the business.

File Storage

3d renderer illustration. File storage in cloud. Cloud computing concept on white bakcground

Cloud provides you with the service where you can store your data such that it can be accessed from anyplace and with any device. Some other advantages of file storage on the cloud are Speed, Scalability and Secure environment. It also saves the cost of buying any extra hardware or infrastructure for storing your data and on cloud service provider charge you for what you use therefore cost of storing is decreased. Maintenance part and workforce cost is also eliminated as all that is done by the service provider.

Disaster Recovery

This is another benefit of using the cloud is easy Recovery of data and that also in cost effective manner it is much faster and better than recovering from any physical location. The traditional recovery process is costly as well as included complex and rigid procedure.


Backing up data is a procedure that is done by almost all the organization. Now on the cloud, you can easily store any data and then data can be easily recovered from where ever you want, this whole process is secured and would consume very less time. Traditionally backing up use to be a Hectic and time-consuming process where you need to record the data on tapes, transport them to a secure location and then storing there. In this process many problems use to occur like running out of tapes for backing and restoring would take the process in reverse order and would take the similar amount of time. In this whole process, there can be many problems like on the time of transporting or any king of human error may lead to loss of important data.

applications of cloud computing

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)

Mobile and Cloud computing are both technological disruption so in Mobile Cloud Computing both of these are integrated. So when the data that is to be stored on mobile is stored on the cloud which leads to saving space on mobile, increases battery life, synchronization is improved, ease of integration, improved reliability, and scalability. Data from the mobile via mobile cloud application can be stored on the cloud and can be retrieved from anywhere and at any time.

Advantage of MCC

  • High mobile battery life low processing of remote data
  • Increase in storage capacity as data that is not currently can be stored on cloud
  • Reduction in loss of data as data stored on reliable cloud service
  • Both Service provider and user have security as could service have their own malware detector, virus scanner, thus provide security
  • Data is always available as you can download it from anywhere and at anytime
  • Clouds provides you latest update of documents if they are shared on cloud
  • To meet the growing demand of the user mobile application can be scaled
  • Service offering can be easily be added and expanded by the service provider
  • Different providers that provide different service can be integrated easily to solve the complex user demand

Disadvantage of MCC

  • Data will be provided through network service if the data is sensitive and service is not reliable then it can lead to heavy problem
  • Performance of the service provider is not as good as native application so do through research before selecting a service provider
  • Internet connectivity could be a major problem so you need to have good internet connection before opting for the service

So all these were the applications of cloud computing, it is one of the best technologies that one can make use of. So start using this technology. For any query you can leave a comment below, we will reply you at the earliest.

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