Top 10 Online Cloud Computing Training Courses

Cloud Computing Courses, Cloud Computing Certification: Cloud computing is changing the way we work and the way we engage with our customer. Virtually every organisation is now exploring their potential for cloud computing, searching for a higher agility, scalability, and even new business opportunities. Still, many organisations struggle to correctly adopt cloud computing to their advantage, not anticipating the impact it has on the complete organisation. With the help of cloud computing working becomes more socially interactive and unconstrained to location and time. Fear and uncertainty, as a result of a lack of a basic understanding of cloud computing often provokes internal resistance to change.

To help corporations overcome these challenges the Cloud Credential Council, together with a review board of industry-leading organizations (such as ING Group, Cisco, EMC HP, and IBM Virtual Clarity) have developed the Cloud Certification Program for IT professionals. So here we are going to tell you about top 10 cloud computing courses that one should enroll in to understand all about cloud computing.

 Best Online Cloud Computing Training & Courses Certification

1. Amazon Certified Solutions Architect

It is one of the most reknowned cloud computing certification program. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is intended for individuals with experience designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. Exam concepts you should understand for this exam include:

  • Designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS
  • Lift and shift of an existing on-premises application to AWS
  • Ingress and egress of data to and from AWS
  • Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, or security requirements
  • Identifying appropriate use of AWS architectural best practices
  • Estimating AWS costs and identifying cost control mechanisms


AWS offers in-person and online training workshops. Exams are proctored by Kryterion, which has testing centres around the world.

The exam is 80 minutes multiple choice/multiple answer.

Cost:  10000; 1300 for practice exam

Other similar Clou Computing certifications:

AWS also offers a Certified Solutions Architect Professional; AWS Certified Developer Associate; AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate and AWS Certified Devops Engineer Professional.

2. CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification validates the skills and expertise of IT practitioners in implementing and maintaining cloud technologies. Cloud+ accredits IT professionals with the constantly changing cloud environment.

 This exam is from the Computing Technology Industry Association and is meant to prove knowledge of cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure management, security and resource management. It’s meant for data center compute, network or storage administrators who want to transfer their knowledge to IaaS cloud platforms. This one is also one of the reknowned cloud computing courses.

Cost:  ₹ 18000

Other similar certifications:

There are many other independent third-party training and certificate

programs such as and CBT Nuggets offers training on a variety of topics, including cloud computing. CompTIA Cloud Essentials is another cloud-focused CompTIA certification meant for managers or non-IT staff.

3Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

Why Obtain the CCSK?

As enterprises and consumers move greater amounts of sensitive information to the cloud, employers struggle to find information security leaders who have the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge to establish cloud security programs protecting sensitive information.

The CCSK lets the marketplace know you are ready for the challenge with the first credential dedicated to cloud security, offered by the world’s thought leader in cloud security.

Since Cloud Security Alliance first released the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) in 2010, thousands of IT and security professionals have taken the opportunity to upgrade their skillsets and enhance their careers by obtaining the CCSK. It was no surprise to us when Certification Magazine listed CCSK at #1 on the Average Salary Survey 2016.

The CCSK Helps You:

  • Validate your competence gained through experience in cloud security
  • Demonstrate your technical knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively develop a holistic cloud security program relative to globally accepted standards
  • Differentiate yourself from other candidates for desirable employment in the fastgrowing cloud security market
  • Gain access to valuable career resources, such as tools, networking and ideas exchange with peers

The CCSK Helps Employers:

  • Protect against threats with qualified professionals who have the expertise to competently design, build, and maintain a secure cloud business environment
  • Increase your confidence that candidates are qualified and committed to cloud security
  • Ensure practitioners use a universal language, circumventing ambiguity with industryaccepted cloud security terms and practices
  • Increase organizations’ credibility when working with constituents

The CCSK Helps Cloud Providers and Consulting Organizations:

  • Increase revenues by winning more business using expertise demonstrated with certified staff
  • Increase organizations’ credibility and trust when working with clients and vendors


The body of knowledge for the CCSK examination is the CSA Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3, and the European Union’s Agency for Network and Information Security’s “Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for Information Security.”

Cost: 23,000

4. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cloud

Many companies are embracing the Cloud to help them to be more agile, flexible, and effective at delivering better business outcomes. Today, the majority of companies are already using XaaS offerings, and by 2018, it’s estimated that 78% of workloads will be processed through the cloud.

The CCNA Cloud certification is a job role focused certification and training program that helps Cloud engineers, Cloud Administrators, and Network Engineers to develop, advance, and validate their cloud skill set, and enables them to help their IT organization meet changing business demands from technology transitions.

With a CCNA Cloud certification, you will obtain the skills to perform entry-level provisioning and support of Cisco cloud solutions. Learn from the only company that has an end-to-end Cloud and Intercloud story.


The CCNA Cloud from Cisco tests a variety of cloud topics, including cloud characteristics and deployments, knowledge of cloud networking, end user support, infrastructure administration, chargeback and billing, cloud provisioning, systems management and remediation. It focuses on Cisco cloud products and is valid for three years. There’s also a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) for Cloud exam. Cisco offers training courses for both.

Cost: ₹ 33,000


5. Google Cloud Platform Qualified Developer

 Become a Google Certified Professional or Associate and show the world that you can design, develop, manage and administer application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud technology. The Google Certified designation means you’ve demonstrated the necessary skills to leverage Google Cloud technology in a way that transforms businesses and meaningfully impacts the people and customers they serve.

Google Cloud Training

Training and Certification for you to make the most of Google Cloud technologies. Our classes include technical skills and best practices to help you get up to speed quickly and continue your learning journey. We offer fundamental to advanced level training in on-demand, live, and virtual options. Certifications help you validate and prove your skill and expertise in Google Cloud technologies.


 Google offers five cloud platform exams focused on various specialties within the

Google Cloud. Users who pass all five become a Google Cloud Platform Qualified Developer. Topics include: Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, Big Query, and Google Compute Engine.


 ₹ 6,500 per exam; five exams in total to become a Google Cloud Platform Qualified Developer

6IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud ComputingInfrastructure

The IBM Certification Program will assist in laying the groundwork for your personal journey to become a world-class resource to your customers, colleagues, and company, by providing you with the appropriate skills and accreditation needed to succeed.

An IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Computing Infrastructure V1 is a person who can demonstrate the design, plan, architecture and management principles of an IBM cloud computing infrastructure. They can do this with limited assistance from support, documentation or relevant subject matter experts.

Key areas of competency include:

  • Demonstrate the IBM Cloud Computing concepts and design principles
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide a customer with a roadmap from their current IT environment to an IBM Cloud Computing solution.
  • Architect a comprehensive solution that utilizes the IBM Cloud Computing design and blueprint principles to meet the customer-s requirements.
  • Demonstrate the applicability of IBM-s Cloud Management Principle:

Operation Model, Service Delivery and Service Management.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

The following qualifications are requirements for success:

  • Basic knowledge of industry cloud computing principles
  • Working knowledge of IBM Cloud Computing principles
  • Working knowledge of designing a comprehensive IBM Cloud Computing solution
  • Working knowledge of how to implement IBM Cloud Computing concepts
  • Working knowledge of the various types of clouds and -as a service- offerings
  • Working knowledge of the cloud infrastructure technologies (systems, storage, security, networking, virtualization technologies)
  • Working knowledge of key concerns and how they are addressed in

Cloud Computing such as security, performance, etc.

Working knowledge of the IBM Cloud Computing offerings that make up the infrastructure of an IBM Cloud Computing solution such as hypervisors, provisioning, monitoring, security, storage, integration, cloudburst, reporting, billing and metering.


 ₹ 13,000 in developed countries; ₹ 7,000 in emerging countries.

Other similar certifications:

IBM has a variety of other cloud certifications, including a Certified Application Developer, which focuses on mastery of the company’s BlueMix PaaS offering, as well as a Certified Solution Advisor for Cloud Architecture, which is for technical sellers of cloud.

7. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect

Microsoft has three Azure IaaS public cloud certifications; if you complete them all you are an Azure Solutions Architect. Individual certifications include a developer focused one, an implementation specialist for IT pros and an architecture one.

On the private cloud side, there are five exams focusing on aspects of configuring and managing Windows Server and Systems Center.

Microsoft offers both in-person classes as well as books and online courses for each. The globally recognised standard for developer excellence

Note This certification will be withdrawn on 31 March 2017. When the certification is withdrawn, all individuals whose transcripts list this certification as active on or after 26 September 2016 will retain the active status.

Microsoft Azure is the cloud for modern business. When you receive Azure certification, and become a Microsoft Azure Specialist, you’ll gain professional recognition for your expertise covering the full breadth of architecting, developing and administering Azure solutions.

Cost:  ₹ 10,000.

 8. Certified OpenStack Administrator

Starting in mid-2016, the OpenStack Foundation (governing body for the open source project) will offer a certification program for OpenStack Administrators. The test will be administered from the Linux Foundation

How to Get Started 

The Certified OpenStack Administrator exam is the only professional certification offered by the OpenStack Foundation. It was written for OpenStack professionals with at least six months of experience managing an OpenStack cloud environment. You can learn more details about the exam below, or visit our Training Marketplace to find companies that can help you prepare and often bundle the exam with their training courses. To get started with a new exam purchase or to redeem a code, you’ll be prompted to log into the COA portal with an OpenStackID or equivalent.

Exam Details

The Certified OpenStack Administrator is a professional typically with at least six months OpenStack experience, and has the skills required to provide day-to-day operation and management of an OpenStack cloud. The current exam is based on the OpenStack Liberty version and covers the core compute, storage and networking services. Learn more about the knowledge requirements and domains covered in the exam and review some COA tips from the OpenStack Foundation.


The COA is a performance-based exam and Candidates will need to perform tasks or solve problems using the command line interface and Horizon dashboard, based on OpenStack Liberty. For exam security, Candidates are monitored virtually by a proctor during the exam session via streaming audio, video, and screensharing feeds. The screensharing feed allows proctors to view candidates’ desktops (including all monitors). The audio, video and screensharing feeds will be stored for a limited period of time in the event that there is a subsequent need for review.

What Does The Exam Cost?

₹ 20,000

How Long Do I Have To Schedule My Exam?

The exam may be scheduled anytime within 12 months of purchase.

ID Requirements

Candidates are required to provide a means of photo identification before the Exam can be launched. Acceptable forms of photo ID include current, nonexpired: passport, government-issued driver’s license/permit, national ID card, state or province-issued ID card, or other form of government issued identification. If acceptable proof of identification is not provided to the exam proctor prior to the exam, entry to the exam will be refused. Candidates who are refused entry due to lack of sufficient ID will not be eligible for a refund or rescheduling.


The COA exam is currently offered in English.

Certification Period

The certification is valid for 36 months after the passing date. After 36 months, test takers will need to resit the exam to remain certified.


  9. Rackspace CloudUCertification:

 Rackspace developed Rackspace CloudU as a vendor-neutral cloud education program designed to educate individuals on the fundamentals of cloud computing. Topics include the economics of cloud, understanding various cloud stacks and best practices for cloud migrations and configurations. There’s a final exam at the conclusion of 10 free online sessions.

 CloudU Certification Program

CloudU is a vendor-neutral curriculum designed for business owners and technical professionals who want to bolster their knowledge of the fundamentals of Cloud Computing. At CloudU, you’ll find a comprehensive series of original whitepapers, live and on-demand webinars, events, blogs, videos and e-books aimed at increasing Cloud Computing knowledge among businesses. The program is a collaborative effort between Rackspace® Hosting and industry analysts. The content of CloudU isn’t vendor-specific. Anyone looking at moving to the Cloud, regardless of vendor or platform, can benefit from CloudU.

CloudU Mission

CloudU seeks to provide a comprehensive curriculum of Cloud Computing fundamentals for business owners and IT professionals. To deliver this industryleading education, CloudU adheres to the following principles:

  • Vendor Neutrality – Unless specifically noted in special reports or programs, CloudU content is vendor-neutral.
  • Pragmatic Analysis – Cloud Computing commentary can sometimes be unrealistic and impractical. That’s why CloudU takes a more pragmatic approach, asking what works for business and illustrating points on all sides of a debate with real-world examples.
  • Original Content – Unlike some thought-leadership programs which simply recycle content, CloudU produces original research and commentary on the fundamentals of Cloud Computing.

About the CloudU Certificate

    CloudU is a curriculum designed for business owners and technical professionals who want to boost their knowledge of the fundamentals of Cloud Computing. By completing all 10 CloudU Lessons and sitting for a final online exam, professionals can earn a CloudU Certificate demonstrating their command of the most important topics in Cloud Computing.

Other similar certifications:

Rackspace has other certifications, including OpenStack Training Courses and Open Cloud Academy Training courses for Linux Sys Admins and Network Operations pros.

 10. Red Hat Certified Architect: Cloud

Red Hat offers a variety of Certified Architect certificates, including ones on cloud, cloud engineering, system administration, hybrid cloud computing, platform as a service, virtualization and OpenStack. A user who completes any five cloud certifications becomes a Certified Architect.

 Prove your skills and knowledge

Cloud concentration skills include:

  • Create, configure, and manage private clouds using Red Hat OpenStack®
  • Manage virtual, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures with Red Hat CloudForms.
  • Create, configure, and manage a cloud application platform with OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat.
  • Implement flexible storage solutions for on-premise and hybrid clouds.
  • Manage many systems using Red Hat Satellite Server.


Most training courses cost about ₹ 65,000 and take three hours, either in-person, at a conference or through on-site training.So this was all about the

So this was all about the cloud computing training and cloud computing certification as well, enrol yourself in any of the cloud computing program as per requirements and give your career a new start.

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